Michael H. Montgomery combines twenty-five years of experience in ministry with advanced education in the sociology of religion, theology, management and economics. A passionate advocate for local congregations, he seeks to empower churches to make the critical strategic moves to connect their faith, leadership, community spiritual needs and God’s ongoing calls and presence.

As a church pastor, Montgomery seeks to connect the congregation as a corporate body and as individuals with the love and work of God. As a teacher of pastors, he seeks to empower ministers to conceptualize and lead their congregations into sustainable growth and faithful stewards of the Gospel for life today. He is noted for effectiveness in worship design and leadership, preaching and dealing with high-conflict situations.



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Papers and Publications

  • ‘Interim Laboratory’ Workshop at the Interim Ministry Network’s Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Mo., 2014.

  • ‘Interreligious Dialogue as a Communicative Action: A Comparative Analysis of Interreligious Dialogue Activities of Protestant and Shia Bodies’ with Fatemeh Kamali Chirani, International meeting of the Ecclesiological Investigations Network, Belgrade, Serbia, 2013.

  • ‘Value relational organizational strategies as a test case for the ‘Managerial Turn’ in Ecclesiology’ American Academy of Religion, Baltimore, MD, 2013.

  • ‘The Social Impact of Ecclesiology: H. Richard Niebuhr as a Case Study’, International meeting of the Ecclesiological Investigations Network, Assisi, Italy, 2012.

  • "Congregational Renewal Strategies: A Buyer's Guide" Chicago Theological Seminary Register, forthcoming.

  • "Best Practices for Small Membership Churches" (PDF) Prism, 2009

  • "Finding Our Way: Ecclesiology from Below" (PDF) American Academy of Religion, Ecclesiological Investigations and Evangelical Theology Session, November, 2009

  • "American Civil Religion in the Civil Sphere", Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, 2008.

  • "Varieties of Non-conformist Ecclesiology" (PDF) Routledge Companion to the Christian Church, Lewis Mudge and Gerard Mannion, editors; Routledge Press, 2008.

  • "Practicing Christ's Presence" Bible Study for the Southwest Association Annual Meeting, Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ; April 23, 2005

  • "Discursive Ecclesiology: H. Richard Niebuhr's contribution to Practical theology" paper presented at the Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion; Chicago, Illinois, April 9, 2005

  • "'Rally 'Round the Flag': Contemporary Developments in American Civil Religion"; paper presented at the Association for the Sociology of Religion, San Francisco, CA August 15, 2004

  • 'Liberal Theology as Contextual Theology: Lessons for Theologians' at the session on Theological Liberalism; American Academy of Religion, November 21, 2003

  • 'Form and Content, Practice and Place' paper presented at the Chicago Area Group for the Study of Religious Communities, February 22, 2003

  • 'On Easter Morning: Attempted Liberal Church Adaptation of "New Paradigm Church" Strategies', delivered to the August, 2002 meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion

  • 'Fighting Well', a sermon on conflict in churches, published by Chicago Metropolitan Association, November, 2000

  • 'Jeremiah 31', with Peggy McClanahan, chapter 8 in Celebrating Covenant: A Resource for Worship, Linda McKiernan-Allen, editor; St. Louis: Chalice Press, (December) 2000.

  • Review of Nicholas M. Healy's Church, Word and the Christian Life, Cambridge: 2000; CTS Register, Fall, 2000.

  • 'Different Mirrors: The Role of Sociological Imagination in Theology' Chicago Theological Seminary Register, Vol. 88, No. 3; Fall, 1998.

  • 'When did Congregationalists Become Pilgrims? Sociological Lenses for Ecclesiological Questions' Chicago Theological Seminary Register, Vol. 88, No. 3; Fall, 1998.

    Congregational Exercises

    Dr. Montgomery consults and provides coaching with clergy and congregations about their ministries, seeking to connect their beliefs and practices, God’s call and claims and the contextual needs of their communities.